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Video Lesson: Beginner’s Introduction to Excel

One video that I have been meaning to do is a lesson focused on those of you who have never (or rarely) used Excel, and needed an introduction to the program and how it works.  I’ve created this lesson in … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Information Functions in Excel

In the following lesson I go through the Experience Level 1 Information Functions.  These functions are used to obtain information about formatting & referencing about specific cell or range references.  In this lesson I review the following functions: ISBLANK – … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Basic Excel Formatting Techniques

Today’s video lesson goes through some of the basic formatting techniques in Excel 2010: – How to Use the Auto-Fill Drag Handle / Fill Series Options – How to Use the Format Painter – Freeze / Unfreeze Panes – Sheet … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Advanced Pivot Tables – Round 1

Pivot Tables are extremely useful in Excel.  This Advanced Excel video lesson is a follow-up to the Introduction to Pivot Tables and covers the first round of advanced topics. The lesson goes over some additional Pivot Table options and features including: … Continue reading

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Alternative to Merged Cells (Quick Tip)

Typically, many users are drawn to the Merged Cells feature in Excel, despite it having some significant disadvantages (especially related to copy/paste of ranges). Frequently, Merged Cells are used in areas to group cells together visually, which can be done … Continue reading

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Guest Excel Lesson: Introduction to Tables

User VertexVortex has been helping users out on r/Excel for quite a while.  After reaching out to him on Reddit, he agreed to help out by creating a lesson of his own specifically for this site.  Here’s his guest lesson on … Continue reading

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PDF to Excel – Free Online File Conversion

Most of us have encountered situations where we have PDFs that need to be converted to Excel.  This free online resource has worked very well for the PDFs I have used.  Some specific points worth mentioning: – Documents up to … Continue reading

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VBA Walkthrough #2: Message Encoder & Decoder

This VBA macro is hopefully a bit more interesting than the last, and shows how I created a message encryptor/decryptor in Excel using VBA/macros. The lesson covers these specific areas of VBA usage: – For…Next loop (including nested loops) – … Continue reading

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VBA Walkthrough #1: Purchase Order Generator

VBA Macro Walkthrough One of the best ways of learning VBA is to take a look at completely functioning macros & code to see how others approach a problem.  In this video lesson, I walk you through a Purchase Order … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Formula Auditing & Evaluation

Formula Auditing and Formula Evaluation are powerful components in Excel, and today’s video lesson goes over the following uses of the Formula Auditing features: Show Formulas:  How to change view to show formulas instead of cell results. Formula Evaluation:  See … Continue reading

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